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The first written records concerning Mauny (also spelled Maugny, Mogny or Maulny) date back to 1315 when a house, a dovecote and ditches are mentioned. In 1488, Guillaume Brune, Lord of Mauny, claimed the house, a courtyard with barns, a dovecote, a garden and vines. In the 17th or 18th century, the lord of Epoisses enlarged the castle for the first time, but it was in the 19th century (present on the cadastre in 1829) that the De Lanouvelle family (represented by the Chambion and Lacaille d'Esse families, depending on the period), who preceded us, made major modifications with the addition of the watchtower (made later), the round tower and the north wing.Only a small part of the old house remains on the right-hand side of the façade. Of the moat that existed until the 19th century on three sides, only the eastern part remains, represented today by the wash house and the wash house. Following phylloxera, the vines that were in the current pastures disappeared. As the land on the plain was not classified, the vines were not replanted.
Etoupe la mascotte du château du Mauny

The dog ETOUPE

He will greet you whenever you arrive and will be happy to be petted. He loves company and children. He is 7 years old but he had a serious accident 3 years ago and he still has a wobbly walk. He is often the mascot of our guests!
Poussinette la chatte du Mauny
le Petit Haribo, le chat adorable du château

Cats of Mauny castle

Poulette in her box. You will meet her in the farm of the castle with her short tail, she will come to ask you for caresses :)

The beautiful Poussinette is very shy, you will only see her in the wind!

Our little and sweet Haribo, adopted in an animal rescue association, he is curious, a great mouse hunter but shy.

Saussage un des chats du Mauny
Bouille dans la lumière du Mauny

My "son" Bidon who was born at our house is my darling, he is big, he only likes kibbles, cushions and caresses :))

The big black one, Saussage, was my parents' cat. He loves to be petted, to be warm and to play with in the evening.

Bouille, the little black one, is our hunter, she brings back several mice in the morning and she has quite a temper. She loves to come and ask for a piece of butter at breakfast ;)


Before settling in Burgundy, Luc and Elodie had a first professional life in Normandy. Elodie was a horse veterinarian specialising in equine reproduction. She managed her stud farm with mares to inseminate or foal, and stallions to collect. Luc was a breeder of Boulonnais draught horses and a professional coachman forLuc was a Boulonnais draught horse breeder and a professional coachman for events in the Paris region mainly (prize-giving podiums for the major Parisian races, rides in the Parc de la Courneuve, rides in town for special days).They had always wanted to host but their professional life was not compatible with bed and breakfast.After thirty years of practice, the desire for a new challenge was stronger. They knew they wanted to settle in Burgundy but they fell in love with the Mauny estate when they visited in September 2019. The project became a reality in August 2020 and after 7 months of work (for the first phase), the adventure can begin.Elodie and Luc wish to preserve the soul of the castle with a family spirit and conviviality while offering you a quality service.We look forward to welcoming you to the Domaine et Château du Mauny!

Crédits photos : Jean-Marc Lequime (Bourgogne Montgolfière), Thibault Vieren (L'arb'aux 4sabots), Elodie Michelon.