Drinking and eating

At Home

Guest table

Out of season, we offer a table d'hôtes on reservation. We dine together in the dining room with family cuisine, sometimes exotic if you like, always in a friendly atmosphere. 35€ per person (30€ without wine)


For us, it is the most important meal of the day. We wanted to make it a gourmet and convivial moment in the castle. In the large dining room with its wood panelling, you can enjoy the various breads, pastries, cakes, fruit salad, fresh fruit juices, yoghurts and homemade jams, as well as cheeses, charcuterie and eggs. We favour local, organic and home-made products. We look forward to sharing this moment with you.

Served from 8am to 10am

apéro au domaine du Mauny

Wine tasting

We can help you discover a selection of wines from the Côte Chalonnaise (Givry, Mercurey, Côte Chalonnaise, Montagny) from our partner winemakers. 

our gourmet plates

For dinner we offer a variety of dishes depending on the season and your wishes: 18€ to 40€ the plate.

You can also buy a bottle of wine from our cellar, a beer or a fruit juice to accompany your dishes.

Summer plate

With, for example,  Tabouleh, quiche or savoury tart, tomato basil salad, dessert. The dishes are made as much as possible with local products, depending on their availability


le burger maison au château du Mauny


A crazy burger with buns from our organic baker "Chez Fouée'Tard", steak and vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes) from the neighbouring "Gaec Marnizot", cheese from our local cheesemaker "Maxime Prétot" and homemade fries Home-made desserts according to the season.25€/burger

Garni plate

Plate of cold meats from "la ferme des crottes" and the local butcher, cheeses from "Maxime Prétot" and the neighbouring goat farms, chips, appetizers.

For 2 persons



Quiche varied according to the season, Lorraine, with summer vegetables, asparagus, mushrooms...Dessert according to my mood.25€ per person

Our Partners

We work with local restaurateurs who offer several formulas

Restaurant near Lyon - Château du Mauny

Go to a restaurant for dinner

You will find a list of good addresses in the welcome booklet that we will send you after your reservation, and we will be able to inform you on the spot according to the restaurant you are looking for (from the family restaurant to the starred restaurant).

Dish to order

For your business meetings, your family reunions or to dine at the castle when the table d'hôtes cannot be offered, our partner caterers and restaurateurs offer you delicious dishes that will be delivered to the castle.

assiettes gourmandes

Cooking jars

If you are hungry and don't want to go out, we offer self-service jars of dishes cooked by a partner restaurant that you can heat up and enjoy in the guest kitchen in the castle or in your gîte.