The well-being services at the Château du Mauny are gradually being developed. Here are the services that are available to you.


- By reservation only.
Our partners, qualified masseuses, offer you:
- Californian massage The Californian massage is a wellness massage with oil that provides a deep relaxation of the muscles and the whole body. It contributes to the reduction of muscular tension and pain that can result from it. It promotes relaxation, letting go and calming the mind. This massage allows you to refocus on your body and, through it, on your emotional feelings.Californian massage is composed of a sequence of effleurage, pressure, kneading and stretching, which are gentle, enveloping and relaxing. Although it is practiced on the whole body for a global and deep relaxation, it can be easily adapted to the wishes of each person (certain areas can be avoided in case of pain or discomfort).
- Star massage - Foot, Hand, Head reflexology The star massage promotes the harmonisation of vital functions. It provides rapid and deep relaxation by combining the benefits of a foot, hand and head massage, important reflex zones rich in sensory sensors.Like a mirror, each organ and area of the body has its corresponding receptors on the feet, hands and head. The soothing action of their massage and the stimulation of the reflex points provides a relaxation of tensions and a deep well-being. The stimulation of the reflex zones will act on the whole body and organs by rebalancing dysfunctions and by encouraging the elimination of energy blockages.
-Seated Amma massage Both stimulating and relaxing, this massage brings a feeling of well-being and immediate relaxation. It is performed while dressed on a massage chair on the whole upper part of the body. It is suitable for a wide range of people and can be performed anywhere.
Amma massage is an age-old energy technique based on the principles of traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. It means "to calm through touch". It is the origin of Shiatsu.Combining several body techniques, it consists of precise and methodical sequences of movements which have the effect of eliminating energy blockages and thus restoring the harmonious circulation of energy throughout the body.The techniques generally used are pressure on acupuncture points, stretching, percussion, kneading and effleurage.

The pool

- Opening June 2022 - During your stay in a guest room, during your stay in a gîte or during the privatisation of the estate, you have access to the 8m x 4m salt water swimming pool located in the orchard of the château. Put yourself under the shelter of a fruit tree, bask in the sun on the 4m beach next to the pool, comfortably installed on a deckchair while sipping a fresh fruit juice.- Open from 9am to 9pm - - Access fenced by hedges, barriers and a latch door -- Security cover outside of opening hours.